Here’s what I want: a way to manage the content files of an Eleventy site outside of the code repository. So then I’d have a way to push blog comments like this into the blog I’ve specifically set up for tech nonsense, from, say, Obsidian, without having to directly interact with the code repo.

Flipping through the State of JS survey results from 2022. It’s, uh, kind of a mess out there, huh?

Rereading The Peripheral by William Gibson. The earliest date they can “go back to” is 2023 because something got more complex that year… 😳 📚

I need … a checklist creator that doesn’t let me enter duplicate items. This doesn’t feel like it should be impossible.

Finally figured out how to tap the Strava API to get a count of miles run since an arbitrary date. Now, can I turn that into an actual usable app, sometime…

Current status: wondering if I should measure my desk or just assume it’s large enough that I could hide under it until further notice.

Current running plans 🏃

…which I am mostly throwing down in writing so I stop second-guessing myself.

I was getting into analysis paralysis over deciding between doing an April half marathon (which would probably have milder weather, but would mean shifting back into training mode like right now oh my god I have to go run 300 miles today) vs a May half marathon (which would give me more time to prepare, but in Cleveland, there’s a much higher chance the weather being real gross).

I’ve decided—or, I am deciding!—to go for the May race. Real hard to imagine running in potential 70-80 degree temperatures in four months! But, this means I can spend the next six weeks focusing on estasblishing a base, which is something I haven’t really consciously done in a long time. I’ve spent the last year pretty much rising up to races and then recovering from them (sometimes). Getting consistent for a bit feels like the right choice.

Right now I’m targeting four easy runs a week, totalling about 16–18 miles, maybe with some mildly faster runs or informal interval experiments to mix things up. That both feels high for me and also probably about right. (I keep reminding myself: “You’ve done a half marathon. You probably should be running more than you were when you first started out!") I’ve ramped up to this point a bit quickly the last few weeks, coming out of my December downtime, but now that I’m here, I think I can happily linger at this level for a bit.

Once those six weeks are up, and I’m hopefully feeling good, I’ll shift into a 12 week training plan. I’m working on a plan that’s a bit more ambitious than I tackled in the fall, complete with actual solid pace goals this time out. Still not planning on breaking any records (ever), but I think I can safely target a race time significantly lower faster than what I did in the fall. Unless of course the heat kills me dead the way the cold killed me dead in November.

Okay…I think I’ve re-re-re-talked myself out of doing the April race and back to focusing the May race…I think. Maybe. Until I think about it some more…maybe. 🏃

Kicked out the last 2022 issue of my books newsletter. Talked about books by Melissa Febos, Phil Christman, and Arika Okrent. And a rambly look back at the year. 📚

I’m hemming and hawing on it, but…I seem to be putting together a half-marathon training plan that would have me starting. … this coming week. 😲🏃

Thinking about checking out this “blogging” thing I’ve been hearing about.

Bummed about Tfe Sketchbook Project shutting down.

Got hit by the Agatha Harkness card for the first time in Marvel Snap. That was worth a laugh. Then pulled it by random (not from my deck) in my next game. That was also worth a laugh.

Here’s a bookmarklet for for the web, for use when scheduling posts. If you click the bookmarklet when you schedule a post (but before you click into the date field) you’ll have a date filled out that you can then modify as needed (to, say, add a couple hours to the time, or adjust the day while leaving the rest of the values alone).

javascript: (() => { const datePicker = document.querySelector("#input_date"); const curDate = datePicker.getAttribute("placeholder"); datePicker.setAttribute("value", curDate); datePicker.setAttribute("onclick", null); })();

Tested quickly in Firefox. It takes the date from the “placeholder” text, moves it to the “value” text, and then removes the handler that clears the date when you click into the field.

I have a previous bookmarklet for here.

My Big Dumb Running and Music Challenge of 2023 🎶 🏃

I track and share my runs on Strava; on a whim, on my second run this year, I posted, in that run’s notes, the album I listened to during the run (Strange Little Birds by Garbage.) I did the same thing for the third run (Womb by Purity Ring) and the fourth run (Endure by Special Interest). Once I figured out what I ran to for the first run of the year (The Physical World by Death From Above 1979) I went back and added that, too.

Somewhere along the line, during one of these slow, easy runs, I started wondering: can I go the whole year without listening to the same album twice across any runs?

This is a dumb idea. It probably adds more stress to my life than I need. How am I going to track it? How am I going to pick new stuff if I make it to, like, December, or, heck, June? What happens if I use a favorite album too soon, or ruin it on a bad run? Does this actually result in a cool diary of what my year of running sounds like, or does sharing the fact that I do in fact sometimes listen to Taylor Swift absolutely destroy me in the public eye?

Still, it’s the kind of dumb seed of idea that finds fertile ground to develop into a big goofy plant of an idea when I’m out running, when I’m trying my hardest not to think about anything, and now I’m here with a bunch of thoughts and contraints around this absolutely pointless challenge I’m now apparently setting out for myself this year:

  • I’ll continue sharing the album on Strava, and possibly do monthly or quarterly round-up posts here. Until I forget. And then I won’t.
  • Loophole: if I’m craving something truly embarassing, I can redact it from the public records. But, like, as impeccably cool as my first four choices have been, it’ll pretty quickly become clear that, like, my music taste is far from impeccably cool.
  • Once I start the album, that’s it, it’s on the list. Plenty of runs won’t last long enough to cover entire albums. That’s fine. Also the album might just not work and I might have to click over to something else mid-run (see loophole below); the album still goes on the list.
  • Loophole: I’m only going to count the first album of any run. So like on long runs if I queue up multiple albums, anything I listen to after album number one doesn’t count. I’m probably mostly a deliriously unreceptive slate by that point anyway, so it really shouldn’t count.
  • That said, double albums? No two-disc loophole: it’s all one album. (So, yes, I’ll be saving stuff like The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails for seriously long runs.)
  • What happens when I’m running stays when I’m running; anything I listen to outside of running doesn’t count. (Having only recently discovered them, I can safely say I’m going to listen to that Purity Ring album a couple dozen more times this year.)
  • Tracking is by album and not artist. There’s probably going to be a couple discographies I run through. (No pun intended.)
  • Throwing a “liked tracks” list on shuffle is perfectly valid at any point for any reason. And doesn’t count against the list.
  • Same deal for DJ mixes. I have a bucket of these bookmarked on Soundcloud. They’re fun. And they won’t count.
  • Loophole: races don’t count. Historically I haven’t listened to music during races. This year I think I might, and if I do, anything goes; after all, what better time to bring out the big guns?

It’s funny to think about how my relationship to music when I’m running has changed over the last 3.5 years, from my original need to carefully soundtrack every single minute of every single run with custom playlists (it was only mildly high-maintenance…), through to my current of attitude of listening to pretty much literally whatever so long as I like it. Not that I don’t still generally prefer more upbeat stuff when I go out; it’s unlikely I’m about to go out running to Selected Ambient Works Volume II by Aphex Twin anytime soon. But “upbeat”, it seems, can take on a lot of forms, when you have zero thoughts about pace matching or anything like that. (I’d be pretty curious to see what a two-hour run to Autechre’s NTS Session 4 would do to one’s headspace.)

I’m not sure if I can keep this up, and this is probably a dumb thing to try to do, but: I wonder how long I can go listening to a different album each time I go out for a run this year? 🎶🏃

In case you experience any localized spatial/temporal displacement effects, that’s me updating eight-month-old git branches to catch up with all recent changes. Then moving one of them to a separate, semi-releated—but different—repository.

Still feeling lightly unmoored from reality following the holidays. I don’t mind it.

Moved my books newsletter over to Substack. Sent out a little hello post to…well, say hello. 📚

Looking at the calendar, I’m realizing that to do the half marathon in April, I’d want to shift into training mode in about three weeks. Which feels…optimistic. I’m thinking the race in May seems more realistic right now. 🏃

Wait, it’s what year now?

My StoryGraph year-end wrap up. 📚

After a couple weeks off I got five miles in this week to land the year at 586 miles of running. I think I doubled what I did in 2021… 🏃

Shook off just enough holiday haze to kick out an issue of my books newsletter about Alex Pheby, Cormac McCarthy, and Robert Jordan. 📚

First run in two and a half weeks today. That was fun. Back to the cookies now.