My Processing Community Catalog arrived last week.

Hardcover book. (Thick.)Hardcover book, laying down. (Thick.)

Did a puzzle.

49 piece clear acrylic square jigsaw puzzlecloseup of puzzle detail

I think the reality simulator just glitched: “Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Score New Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem”

New Thunderbird logo coming! No more Thundermullet! Cool!

Starting to develop a series of coding things that will probably roll out to my Naming Things is Hard, which I syndicate blog to my account. (So, FWIW, if you start seeing lots of stuff about JavaScript coming through here, that’s why.)

Forgot I had Arc Browser installed. Got the email about an announcement about Arc coming on Thursday. Loaded up Arc again. Still can’t think of a good reason to switch from Firefox, or use Arc as an alternate browser. The “little” browser window is kind of slick, though.

Currently reading: Network Effect by Martha Wells 📚

Apropos of nothing, I finally watched Idiocracy over the weekend. 🎬

Finally kicked out a newsletter issue about Middlemarch. 📚

Every time you see “AI” in a headline: drink.

Currently reading: The Fifty-Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek: The First 25 Years by Edward Gross 📚

Oh no…I did it upside down! Better take it apart and do it right next time. 😁

Photo of a donuts jigsaw puzzle and its box. The joke is the puzzle really doesn’t have a top or bottom—but I have the puzzle oriented opposite to the image on the box.

I’m at about 130 pages left in Middlemarch. The end is in sight… 📚

I have serious ai fatigue.

One might say I have … faitigue.


I think I know when my peculiar kind of burn-out is setting in when I’m looking at my work life and I’m looking fondly at coding languages completely unrelated to anything I ever need to do. Like…yeah…I wanna clean off the desk and start learning Rust, or something. Hrmf.

Got that jigsaw puzzle fever. 🧩

My kids are building up a ginormous collection of Legos. 1980s me is looking forward in time with true jealousy.

Someday they’ll get bored and move on…and then I’m repossessing the entire set for myself. Muahahaha.

Stumbled into this when I was starting to look at this . The post is interesting but probably over my head; the platform looks like if Tumblr and Twitter and had a baby? Hmm.

The problem with tackling long books like Middlemarch is the accompanying FOMO for all the other books I could be reading in that time. Like today on the Marlon and Jake Read Dead People podcast, they’re talking about how great War and Peace is, and I’m like, “Aww, I want to reread that!…” 🤦 📚

Watching Cocaine Bear. It’s fantastic. 🍿

This is not a drill: has free shipping this weekend. 📚

Insert general grunt of frustration here about all the things I’d like to be working on which I’m not actually working on.

I like that new PJ Harvey song. I kind of lost track of her on the last album or two (as long ago as those were) but I do like this song. 🎵

Currently reading: Middlemarch by George Eliot 📚

Ordered coffee beans from Ready Set!, a new-to-me roaster in town, Saturday afternoon; they dropped the order off on my porch an hour or so later. Now I’m enjoying their Amplifier blend and I’m thinking they’ve quickly won a new local regular customer. ☕️